The Role of E-Learning in teaching the Arabic language to non- native speakers


  • Dr. Mohammed saeb khudier University of Baghdad (IRAQ) Author
  • Dr. Sura Ahmed Salih University of Baghdad (IRAQ), Author



Education, ; E-Learning; Education Technology, Non-Native Speakers; Arabic


After the information revolution that occurred in the Western world, and the developments in all fields, especially in the field of education and e-learning, from an integrated system based on the effective employment of information and communication technology in the teaching and learning processes through an environment rich in computer and Internet applications, the community and the learner were able to access information sources and learning at any time and place, in a way that achieves mutual interaction between the elements of the system and the surrounding environment.

After the occurrence of the phenomenon of Covid 19, it led to a major interruption in all educational systems that had never happened before, and the disruption or complete cessation of all joints of life in light of this mysterious virus that paralyzed the important joints in life, health and education, as this phenomenon stimulated the element of innovation, which is a human habit, so education did not stop under these circumstances, but was directed towards distance education, and the work of workshops and seminars using information and communication technology, employing this technology to transfer skills Teaching Arabic, especially to non-native speakers.

The most important thing that works on the success of the process of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers is the contribution of language teachers in employing all visual and audio means and electronic platforms that allow full knowledge to reach all learners.




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