Submission procedures


- The research sent on the approved template for research on the journal's website.

- Attach the researcher's CV.

- Submit electronically on the magazine's website or e-mail:

Peer review process:

Peer Review:

The submitted manuscripts are carefully peer-reviewed by a panel of scholars in the subspecialties of a field to ensure that the manuscripts are original, valid, and significant. Before sending the manuscripts to the reviewers, the editor makes sure that these manuscripts contribute significantly to the content area of the journal, follow JSD’s guidelines and they are well-written (clear & concise).

JSD adopts a double blind/ masked review. The identities of both authors and reviewers are not revealed to one another.

Manuscript acceptance, rejection or acceptance with revision:

The editor decides whether the manuscript is accepted, rejected or needs to be revised based on the reviewers’ reports.

Manuscript acceptance: Accepted manuscripts will undergo copy-editing and production phases of publication process. The authors will not be allowed to make further changes to the manuscript except for those recommended by the copyeditors. The authors remain responsible for the completion of any amendments required by the journal.

Manuscript Rejection: A manuscript is rejected if it falls outside the domain of the journal, has serious defects in design, methodology, analysis or interpretations, lack of contribution to the field, or has a low-quality.