Humanism in the Arabic novel "The Kuwaiti novel is an option"


  • Prof. Mohammed Fehaih Aljbory College of Basic Education, Al-Muthanna University (Iraq) Author
  • Prof. Fawzy Elaws Aljabry College of Basic Education, Al-Muthanna University (Iraq), Author



Tendency, Humanity, Novel, Kuwaiti, Arabic.


The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait is a landmark event that embodied a dangerous turning point in the history of the two countries, due to the great effects of this invasion on the Iraqi and Kuwaiti peoples, especially in the field of cultural work. This event imposed itself on the Kuwaiti literary content in general, so the ways of dealing with it varied between recording documentation and artistic proposals. At the level of theatre, television and others, however, through our review of the Kuwaiti novelist who recorded these events, we found that there is a distinct feature that is not available in other than this achievement despite the bitterness and harshness of the event, and this feature was represented by the objectivity of the Kuwaiti writer in recording the human tendency of his enemy.

It seemed to us that the Kuwaiti novel did not take a unilateral position on the Iraqi person after the occupation, as it intended to highlight the positive values ​​that established a human tendency, which we do not find in the Arabic novel. This human tendency was manifested through transcendence of grudges and transcendence of grudges by showing human attitudes. The language of the novel in most of the novels was devoid of sharpness, rigor and incitement, and the novelist did not aim to alienate the reader from the Iraqi individual. The Kuwaiti novel showed a great capacity for tolerance, love and objectivity.




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