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Journal of Scientific Development for Studies and Research


                                 P-ISSN: 2709-1635

                                 E-ISSN: 2958-7328

International Refereed Scholarly Journal, that publishes studies and research in Arabic and English in the Humanities, Social sciences, Administrative and Technology, quarterly (March-June-September-December), By the Academy of Creativity Sama for Studies, Consultations and Scientific Development, partnership with international universities, Supervision of an international scientific and advisory body.

(These articles can be distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited).

I: The magazine’s responsibility:

Publishing decision: The journal is committed to respecting copyright and citation rights for previous scientific works. With the aim of preserving the rights of others when publishing research and studies in the journal, the editor-in-chief is responsible for the publishing decision based on the journal’s policy and compliance with the legal requirements for publishing, especially with regard to infringement or abuse of others or violation of their intellectual rights. The editor-in-chief can consult members of the editorial board or reviewers in making decisions. the decision.

Integrity: Researchers are committed to the ethics of scientific research and publishing, and no article is accepted that does not adhere to publishing ethics. The editor-in-chief guarantees that the content of every article submitted for publication is evaluated, regardless of the gender, origin, religious belief, citizenship or political affiliation of the author.

Objectivity of the evaluation: To ensure objectivity in the evaluation, no reviewer is chosen who has a relationship or interest with the author of the article or one of the writers, institutions, or bodies to which the writer belongs. In all cases, blind review is adopted.

Copyright: The article sent by the researcher is accompanied by a publication request that transfers the copyright of the article to the journal. If the article is accepted for publication, it will be distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which allows unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided that each paper is mentioned, properly documented, and attributed. To its source.

II: Responsibility of the arbitrator (reviewer):

Contributing to the publishing decision: The reviewer (reviewer) assists the head and editorial board in making the publishing decision, as well as assisting the author in improving and correcting the research, if the basic conditions required for acceptance are met in the research.

Speed of service and adherence to deadlines: The arbitrator must take the initiative and speed in evaluating the research sent to him for evaluation and adherence to the specified deadlines. If this is not possible after carrying out the preliminary study of the research, he must inform the editor-in-chief that the research topic is outside the scope of the arbitrator’s specialty, or due to lack of time for arbitration or otherwise.

IV: Author’s responsibility:

Preparation standards: The author must present original research and present it accurately and objectively, in a consistent scientific manner that conforms to the specifications of peer-reviewed research, whether in terms of language, form or content, in accordance with the standards and rules of publishing in the journal. He must properly state the data and hypotheses, complete documentation and referral, and take into account the rights of others in search; Avoid showing sensitive and unethical topics, false and incorrect information, and translating other people’s works without mentioning the source of the quote in the research.

Authors of the research: The authors of the research should be limited to only those who have actually, significantly and clearly contributed to the research, with the need to identify the author responsible for the research who plays a major role in preparing and planning the research. The rest of the authors should also be mentioned in the research as actually contributing to it, and they must Their names must actually be present in it along with their information, and no names other than the authors should be included in the research; All authors must be well acquainted with the research, agree explicitly on its content, and publish it in accordance with the publishing rules applicable in the journal.

Referrals and references: The author is obligated to mention the references appropriately, and the referral must include mentioning all books, publications, websites, and other research by people in the list of references and references, which are quoted or referred to in the body of the research.

Reporting errors: If the author notices or discovers a fundamental error in his research, he must immediately notify the editor-in-chief of the journal or the publisher, and cooperate to correct the error.