The era of technology and its impact on Quranic studies


  • Dr. Zineb Abdelaziz Emir Abdelkader University of Islamic Sciences (Algeria), Author



Unity of composition, ; Objective interpretation, Quranic methodology, Artificial intelligence, Quranic researcher


The Holy Quran is a book that always requires exploration because it is a book suitable for every time and place. As technology has permeated all aspects of our lives, we sought to investigate the relationship between Quranic studies and the digital revolution.

The research question at hand is: What distinguishes Quranic studies in the 21st century, and has the digital revolution contributed to it? We employed a descriptive methodology, utilizing the techniques of induction and analysis, to delve into the new horizons of Quranic studies and the technological tools employed within this field. In conclusion, we found that unity of composition is what sets Quranic studies apart in this era, and that technological tools, particularly AI, have yet to be fully harnessed in this domain, as they should be.




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The era of technology and its impact on Quranic studies. (2024). Journal of Scientific Development for Studies and Research (JSD), 5(18), 320-337.

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