Mediation Contract in The Saudi Legal system


  • Dr. Deena Abdualla Salih Tabouk university (Saudi Arabia), Author



: Contract, Mediator, Client, Commercial brokerage, Saudi legal System.


This study deals with the rules contained in the commercial mediation contract and other contracts in which one party uses the skills of the other party, as this contract is considered one of the most important commercial contracts, especially in the fields of real estate, whether buying or selling, as well as other fields, whether commercial or economic, This study aimed to clarify the concept of the commercial mediation contract and the mediator, whose final function is summarized in the mediation contract by bringing the points of view between the two parties closer together in order to conclude the required deal. The mediation contract is a consensual contract that is binding on both parties, and the mediator’s obligation is to complete the implementation of the contract and not just conclude it. In exchange for a specific commission that he receives by agreement of both parties, the brokerage contract ends with the completion of the work assigned to the mediator, and sometimes it ends before its implementation due to the impossibility of implementation.

The study concluded that for the contract to be valid, the general objective elements must be present. The work of the mediator is considered a permanent commercial work for the mediator, whether this work is related to commercial or civil transactions in Saudi commercial law




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