Poet Dhu'l-Rumah and his Diiwan


  • SULAIMAN OLALEKAN YUSUF IYAN University of Malaysia, Terengganu (UMT) (Malaysia), Author




The poet’s personality, Nickname, Poetic talent, Virtues, Diiwan position


In this study, we will shed light on our poet Dhul Rumah in order to introduce him and his diwan; to be useful for those who do not know him, and to be necessary for those who know him, but it is likely that the latter will benefit from other aspects of the study, even in a small amount, in terms of introducing his life, qualities, personality, and his story with his two lovers: Mayyah and Khar’qaa, and how he died Then the study will shed light on his diwan and its place among the Arabic poetry books. The study posits questions, including: Who is the poet Dhul-Rumah? Where did his class fall among the classes of Umayyad poets? What poetic purposes did the poet explore most? What is the status of his collection of poems? The problem of the study lies in the lack of publications that described the personality of this great poet and his collections.

The study attempted to adopt a descriptive, inductive approach in monitoring its information.    




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