Bartenders in Marrakesh between the past and the present


  • Bouchta hajjoubi Ain Chock Faculty, Hassan II University (Morocco) Author



: Irrigation, Water facilities, Architecture, Cistern, Khettara.


The city of Marrakesh is among the oldest Moroccan cities. Since its founding by the Almoravid Emir Youssef Ibn Tashfin, it has played prominent roles in political, cultural and social life. It has also been, by virtue of its political location, a source of great radiance and an important cultural center that has resulted in a rich cultural heritage that has lasted for many centuries and been passed down to generations. Different.

Irrigations constituted one of the most important water installations that marked the history of water architecture in Marrakesh. This is evidence that the latter had an advanced system for distributing water, especially irrigation technology, which is considered a vital facility that falls within the urban fabric of the city. It is spread in multiple locations such as hamlets, and there are some paths that still carry the path. Watering. Irrigation is the end of a network of mechanisms and facilities that supplied the city with water and made it consumable, starting from its natural sources of extraction, passing through the waterways, collecting, and storing it in tanks, and finally distributing it to the city through canals and waterways, bringing it to irrigation, the meeting point between the consumer and this vital natural product.




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